New Deputy CEO of a ACTIVE RE

by | Mar 16, 2020 | 2020

Dear clients, friends and allies,

It is with great enthusiasm that we share with you that our dedicated and loyal Executive Vice President, Ramón Martínez Carrera, has been appointed by our CEO, Juan Antonio Niño, as Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Deputy CEO).

Mr. Martinez Carrera has been a key player in the growth of our company, having led the expansion of our organizational structure and business development plan. Ramón is a fundamental pillar for the continuity of our business, and has been demonstrating this in the 4 years that he has been part of Active Re. His attention to detail and continuous strive for excellence strengthen our management team and company, always demanding the best practices and operational efficiency.

Our company has been through challenges and opportunities in recent years, and it is with the support of Ramón and all of you, that many successes have been achieved. We know that he will excel in this new role, and that this appointment will only bring benefits for all!

Congratulations Ramón!