Underwriting at Active Re

by | May 18, 2022 | 2022 | 0 comments

At Active Re we define underwriting as the Art of knowing how to choose the business coming to our company, and we say Art and not science because science implies more concrete, more ordered factors. The Art of knowing how to choose the business also involves intuition, and of course, there is data analysis. It is the power to read how the risk is; it is knowing how to measure exposures. Underwriting is the art of knowing the client, the environment where the business comes from, and what the current situation is, which can change not only from one year to the next, it can change from one season to the next. It is not the same situation to write accounts in hurricane season as to do it in the rainy season than to accept risks when everything is supposed to be calm. Many aspects have to be taken into account, that’s why we say it’s really an Art.

Learn more about the world of underwriting at Active Re by accessing the interview we have conducted with Mr. Humberto Riquelme – Underwriting Manager at Active Re.: YouTube channel.