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Technical Accounting and Operations at Active Re

 Active Re recently had the opportunity to interview our Technical Accounting and Operations Manager, Ms. Claudia Vázquez. Some of the highlights of the interview were the main responsibilities of the area: the in-depth review of risks and the content of these risks, the direct relationship with the Underwriting department, the payment of claims from the perspective of technical accounting and...

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Active Re recently participated in The Aqaba Conference 2022

Active Re recently participated in The Aqaba Conference 2022, which focused on reinsurance in the MENA region and convened in Aqaba / Jordan during mid-May. This year will be the 8th edition of this successful conference, which had the participation of more than 700 delegates, including Active Re´s executives John Kotran, Rana Nasr and Armando Garza. Attendees included insurers, reinsurers,...

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Underwriting at Active Re

 At Active Re we define underwriting as the Art of knowing how to choose the business coming to our company, and we say Art and not science because science implies more concrete, more ordered factors. The Art of knowing how to choose the business also involves intuition, and of course, there is data analysis. It is the power to read how the risk is; it is knowing how to measure exposures....

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Claims at Active Re

 Active Re operates in more than 110 countries which we share with more than 550 strategic partners. Among these strategic partners are insurance companies to which we reinsure and brokers who are the intermediaries between these insurance companies and us. Looking at this whole panorama, as we are a global reinsurer, we divide claims into three large groups: Affinity, which is the people’s...

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